How to organise photos for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Montage

Organising the photos and videos for your child’s montage needs plenty of time so now’s your opportunity. Creating a fantastic Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah montage should be lots of fun as you take a trip down memory lane so cherish the time you have at the moment to make your selection, gather your family round to share stories and make this job a precious activity.

The project is a great opportunity to reflect, revisit and assemble the story of your child’s transition into adulthood.

How to organise photos for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Montage

Start going through all your pictures and put them into chronological groups:

  • Newborn and baby
  • Growing up (younger and older)
  • Family (immediate family, siblings and extended)
  • Friends (school groups, clubs)
  • School Pictures (first & last day)
  • Travel & Celebrations & Milestone events
  • Sport & Hobbies & Interests

Resist the temptation for perfect images – the picture of a toddler crying or eating all the ice cream is often the one that gets the best reaction. Look for photographs that capture a moment and create an emotion, whether that’s sad, happy or carefree.

Create a check list of everyone who needs to be included to make sure no-one takes offence at being missed out. The more people you feature the happier they are to watch your montage.

Putting them into groups makes it so much easier to choose your favourite pictures from. You want to aim for about 100 pictures that will make the montage about 10 minutes long which is actually long enough. If you’re not sure how long to make your montage then 13 minutes is a cute idea – a minute for each year.

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