About Pop Up Bar Mitzvah

Hi I’m Gary Peters

As an event planner, I don’t believe in impossible. From the initial idea to the final flourishes, we’re here to delight your guests and deliver the ultimate Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration and, having grown up within the Jewish community, I’m uniquely positioned to understand the religious and cultural nuances unique to Jewish events.

What’s My Background?

I set up my award winning agency, Evolve Events, over 20 years ago. During that time I was asked by Westminster Synagogue to help them use their stunning Victorian townhouse as a venue for events – you may know it as the beautiful Kent House Knightsbridge. I’ve produced countless Bar and Bat Mitzvah events at this venue along with celebrations at leading London venues.

During this time I’ve learnt that planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah takes time and great organisation. There are so many different things to think about; finding a venue, styling it, briefing a caterer, sourcing memorable entertainment and handling the budget. But there’s only 24 hours in a day and you’ve got so many other things on your to-do list that are nothing to do with the celebration, that it can be a stressful experience. That’s why people turn to me and my trusted team to take responsibility for all the organisation and production.

How I approach an event

Having lived in New York during my twenties running restaurants, I’m passionate about great customer service and have bought this ethos to my team. We pride ourselves on solving problems and providing creative solutions. We’re known for our personal service and love to chat about all things event related. We’ll spend time with you and get a thorough understanding of what you want your celebration to achieve before creating a proposal that brings all your ideas to life.

How to make a Bar or Bat Mitzvah unique

One of the most common things we get asked when producing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is how do I make it different from everyone else and what can I do to make it memorable? That’s why I set up Pop Up Bar Mitzvah.

Who are Pop Up Bar Mitzvah?

Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind, over-the-top experience. No two parties are alike. Our design ideas are original and one of a kind, focusing on what you want and what your child has dreamt about; designed to create an impact on their big day. Over the years I’ve built up relationships with some of the most creative people working in the events industry which saves you time and money and ensures that we can source even the most bizarre of requests. Key members of our team are:

Matt Frankel

Respected throughout the community Matt Frankel has got guests dancing at countless celebrations over the years. Responsible for full event production and management, innovative light and sound production and supply of entertainment.hings Jewish.

Renee Salamon

Renee is our Pop Up Bar & Bat Mitzvah consultant bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, having organised countless Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrations (including her own just a few years ago!) at Kent House over the past 20 years, and is highly regarded across the community.

Food Story

A truly extraordinary Kosher Caterer. Food Story puts the finest level of Kosher Catering at the heart of your event. Since launching into London’s luxury event scene Food Story has widely been recognised as one of the most revered premium creative caterers; reinventing kosher.

Jimmy Garcia

Catering to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic sit down dinner or a more casual stand up reception, Jimmy and his team create unique kosher friendly dining experiences. They’re known as masters of surprise and interactive culinary experiences.

Bar Mitzvah Venues

One of the key elements in making your Bar or Bat Mitzvah stand out is the venue decision. We work with venues that are different from the rest; ideally blank canvas or a dry hire venue which means one where we can work with you to style and transform whilst brining in our own creative catering, or a venue that is unique in its own right; for its design, history or location. You won’t find any stuffy hotels in our recommendations! Make the most of our Bar Mitzvah venue finding service to help you find the perfect fit for your celebration – and to inspire you. Please take a look at some of our recommended venues here.

How we can help with your Bat or Bar Mitzvah

We use our experience to help people like you to host the best Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration you can. You can ask us to produce your whole event or pick elements of our service such as helping you find the perfect venue, styling or finding the entertainment or catering that everyone talks about afterwards.

Want to know more and see some of our events – follow us on Instagram @popupbarmitzvah